My artworks are extracts of a growing network of playful thoughts and visual components. While I tried in the beginning to tell whole stories in one painting or sketch, I feel free today only use  figures or shapes of   of my network and combine them in new works. Maybe you discover some of the following elements in my artwork.

humor         food             Café scenes               goose         horses            ice cream     stripes    puns (in titles)     market


Originally using only classical methods like   acyrylic paint and drawing   for my  artwork, a few years ago I extend my techniques by  building  or sewing objects and printing . By then sewing was only a hobby to produce clothes for me and my family.  

Being   able to reuse my figures and shapes I use a DIY version of silkscreen printing, which allows a fast changing of templates.  My first objects are sewed ones. Using wood helps me to give them  more stability , so that they partly could use as furniture at your own risk.